Color photographs throughout this website were created from film and digital cameras. Black-and-white photographs were developed and printed to archival standards. Work has been displayed in various exhibitions and print media. Left column: Cigar woman, Havana; Women in Orange, Havana; Cigar Man, Havana; Mural, Old Havana; Alexis in mirror; mural in Cannes; Florida hat; Maasai market; Combat at Washington Square Park; African woman with brick walls. Middle column: Cyprus flowers; Hmong Village girl, Laos; Alexis in Santorini; Cuban Guitar Player, Trinidad; Hoi An market, Vietnam; Fruit Bike, Havana; Monastery woman in Crete; mural, Cannes; Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia; Alexis in lavender field; Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia; Surrealism in Ghent; Woman and child, Topkapi; Marzipan; Man at café; Three Women in Bergen, Norway. Photographs are available for purchase by contacting Andrea's e-mail address.

Selected Work

Novel/Historical Fiction
A novel inspired by a true story of survival. "A work of power and poignancy..." -- Michael Berenbaum
New York Jew makes emotional post-Holocaust pilgrimage. “A loving eulogy to her lost family.”
—George Cohen, Booklist
Walking Tour App
Insider's path from the start of Riverside Park to Morningside Heights.
Visual Images
Art/Editorial Photo Books
New! The massive subterranean complex.
Evocative photos and essays of volunteer experience in Tanzania.
Images of people and places, spanning more than 20 years.
INDOCHINA: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Tanzanian women accomplish remarkable humanitarian missions.