Most Maasai women are victims of genital mutilation.

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In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro:
Women of Courage

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"In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro: Women of Courage" is a proposed full-length documentary in the production stage. It focuses on the achievements of four extraordinary Tanzanian women who have taken a proactive approach in an extremely impoverished region.

They are founders and directors of: a preschool/​after-school center, a women's business empowerment group, an AIDS/​HIV hospice and orphanage, and an organization for the prevention of female genital mutilation.

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A novel inspired by a true story of survival. "A work of power and poignancy..." -- Michael Berenbaum
New York Jew makes emotional post-Holocaust pilgrimage. “A loving eulogy to her lost family.”
—George Cohen, Booklist
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Evocative photos and essays of volunteer experience in Tanzania.
Images of people and places, spanning more than 20 years.
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