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Esfir Is Alive
A novel inspired by a true story of survival. Esfir Manevich is a young Jewish girl who faces anti-Semitism in prewar Poland. In 1942, shortly before her thirteenth birthday, Esfir and her family are forced onto cattle cars destined for the killing fields. Once there, she must face unimaginable horror.

2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist

2017 Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Bashert: A Granddaughter’s Holocaust Quest
Bashert (Yiddish for “fated”) portrays the author’s search for information about her lost family, Jews presumably killed during the Holocaust, who lived in her grandmother’s village, Volchin, in what is now Belarus.

It also uncovers facts about the little-publicized 1942 massacres of 50,000 Jews in the nearby forest of Brona Gora, many of whom had been liquidated from the Brest ghetto.

Upper, Upper West Side Walking Tour (App)
Though known for its stately old buildings and quiet neighborhood feel, the Upper West Side of Manhattan includes some of the city’s most illustrious institutions, inspiring statuary, sumptuous food, and magnificent views. This tour takes you on an insider’s path from the start of Riverside Park and ends further uptown in Morningside Heights, called the “Academic Acropolis” since it sits on one of highest natural points in Manhattan.

Download from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Photos left column: Chicago, Ed Koch Bridge from Roosevelt Island, Chania door, Vendor at Portobello Road, Reclining woman, Maasai woman and child. Middle column: Alexis in Bowery, Cypriot man, Marilyn in Brussels, Figure in maze.

Photos taken in Cuba, January 2015

In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro: Women of Courage
A sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, "In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro: Women of Courage" is a proposed full-length documentary, now in the process of fundraising.

In traditional Tanzanian culture, women have no control over their property, much less their bodies. Focusing on the Kilimanjaro Region, the documentary will highlight the stories of inspirational women who, despite enormous obstacles, have effectuated change in key areas: education, HIV/AIDS, business empowerment, and female genital mutilation.

Times Square Underground
The massive subterranean complex is captured in a unique display of its varied ethnic people and intriguing visual delights.

Is There Mud in America?
The Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania is the exotic setting for photos and essays.

My World in Black and White
Portraits of people and places employing archival black-and-white techniques and classical principles.

NEW! Photos of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

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Selected Work

Novel/Historical Fiction
A novel inspired by a true story of survival. "A work of power and poignancy..." -- Michael Berenbaum
New York Jew makes emotional post-Holocaust pilgrimage. “A loving eulogy to her lost family.”
—George Cohen, Booklist
Walking Tour App
Insider's path from the start of Riverside Park to Morningside Heights.
Visual Images
Art/Editorial Photo Books
New! The massive subterranean complex.
Evocative photos and essays of volunteer experience in Tanzania.
Images of people and places, spanning more than 20 years.
INDOCHINA: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Tanzanian women accomplish remarkable humanitarian missions.